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Re: god hates computers


Sun, 09 Jan 2000 22:39:12 -0800



TurboKitty wrote:


> I am a non-programmer with a really cool idea for a small shareware

> utility. I need someone to write it, to split any money 50/50. It would

> be simple to write and it would help encourage people to get off the

> computer and out in the sunshine.


> drop me an e-mail if you are interested.






David Schwartz <>


Hey, cool! I'm a non-author with a great idea for a science fiction

story. I need someone to write it too, to split any money 50/50. If you

find a sucker programmer, maybe he knows some sucker authors.


Tony Lewis wrote:

You have an idea and you think that by itself the idea is worth as much as the effort to create the program to implement it. Amazing!


I replied to both humorous responses:  

got nine people offering so far. should have it done this week on

>windows, mac and linux. 

I look at this like the old Tin-Pan Alley songwriting arrangement: one guy wrote the lyrics, one guy wrote the music. I write the lyrics, the programmer writes the music.  I ain't trying to get rich. I am trying to spread light.

Here is a dead baby mouse my cats brought me. My cats are sweet.


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